Share the Dignity was founded in 2015 and has collected over 3.3 million sanitary items from across Australia. The charity was established to make a real difference for women affected by homelessness, poverty or domestic violence, by providing them with pads, tampons and personal hygiene products.

This August, we are once again partnering with Share the Dignity and collecting donations of sanitary items for women in need.

Your small act of kindness gives dignity to Australia’s most vulnerable, please help us make a difference and give generously to this amazing charity.

If you are part of a business or organisation that can donate collectively, please get in touch 07 3208 0988.

How can I get involved?
Between 1 – 31 August 2022 you can help by purchasing one extra sanitary item while shopping at Coles, Chempro Chemist Logan Central or Kmart and drop your contribution into the collection point at the front of Coles Supermarket.

Sanitary items you can donate:
Maternity pads
Incontinence pads
Period-proof underwear
Menstrual cups

Where do the items go?
Your contributions will go towards giving back dignity to Australia’s most vulnerable women within the local area.

For more information:
Visit: www.sharthedignity.com.au