• Date

    Dec 1st | 8th | 15th | 22nd

  • Time

    1pm - 2pm

  • Where

    Santa Set outside Kmart

Photos from $15


Santa Photos are not just for humans, it’s a great opportunity to get a photo of your fur baby with Santa or put the whole fur family together for that special family photo to share with family and friends.

Santa Pet Photo’s will be printed while customers wait, prices start from $15, click here for Santa Photo Price List.

Is my pet welcome?
All vaccinated and toilet trained pets are welcome, with the exception of reptiles or large and ill-natured animals that could harm a person or other animal. If you are unsure please contact Centre Management on 3208 0988 to avoid being asked to leave on the day. Please be mindful of the environment you are bringing your pet into and how your pet will interact with other animals or people present on the day. If you feel that your pet will not behave or be upset by surrounding animals or people, we ask that they re-think bringing your pet to the centre.

Yes, all pets are to be restrained at all times on a lead, or in an appropriate carrier. Pets may be presented out of their cages or off their leashes in the photography area only. No pets will be allowed inside the centre, before or after your photography session.

Do I have to bring anything?
Pets do sometimes have accidents, please bring appropriate equipment to clean up any accidents your pet may have.

Where do you go?
Whilst we love your fur babies and welcome them to the centre for the Santa Pet Photo, the centre remains a pet free zone. We therefore ask all customers to enter via the Kmart entrance make their way directly to the Santa set, you will need to exit immediately after their photos have been taken.